During this event, there will be mandatory Covid-19 protocols in place within the Church, which are necessary to keep everyone safe.
These currently are:
  •  All doors open for good ventilation (please wear warm clothing!).
  •   Requirement for all members of the audience to wear face masks at all times whilst in the Church (complimentary masks will be available for anyone who forgets their own ).
  •    Upon arrival: Mandatory hand sanitising; a non-contact temperature check; the recording of contact details ( if not already known ) to facilitate ’track and trace’.
  •  Planned seating arrangements (seats will be cordoned off to  ensure social distancing of at least 1 metre and  stewards will be on hand to show audience members to suitable ones ).
  •   Strict limit on the number of audience members admitted to the  nave and the gallery  (In order to facilitate  this  all tickets must be  purchased in advance and paper tickets, or evidence of online ticket purchase, must be presented upon arrival).
  •   Concert duration of less than 1 hour with no interval.
  • No refreshments or traditional post-concert Reception.


Before attending the concert, please check HERE

We apologise for these Protocols and hope that you will understand their necessity. Please adhere to them, as well as to any others that  have to be be put in place before the concert. We also ask you to keep any social interaction to a minimum and to leave the church promptly once the concert has ended.
Thank you.